Appointment TV Is Still Popular, Even Among Those 18-24yrs

Appointment TV

We are told repeatedly that TV is dead especially live TV.  No one sits down at 8pm on a Tuesday to watch a show anymore, right?

Well, according to Nielsen’s Q1 2016 Total Audience Report, we as Americans still do.  In fact, we spend nearly 32 hours a week watching *Live+DVR/Time-shifted TV.  Adults 65+ watch the most at 51.5 hours per week, but the youngsters are on that couch too – just not as long.  Adults 18-24 watch 16 hours 18 minutes of *Live+DVR/Time-shifted TV in an average week. That’s the most time they spend on any medium.  Next for this young group are the 15 hours 11 minutes spent viewing an app/Web on a smartphone and then the 10 hours 19 minutes listening to AM/FM radio.

Speaking of AM/FM Radio, it was the second most popular entertainment outlet.  The average American will listen for 12 hours 26 minutes each week, just barely beating out App/Web on a Smartphone with 11 hours 36 minutes.  That says a lot seeing a smartphone is on you at all times.


Weekly Time Spent on Tech by Demo - Q1 2016 Nielsen Total Audience Report

*Live+DVR/Time-shifted TV includes Live usage plus any playback viewing within the measurement period.

**DVR/Time-shifted TV is playback primarily on a DVR but includes playback from video on demand, DVD recorders, server based DVR’s and services like Start Over.

Source: Nielsen Q1 2016 Total Audience Report

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