Top Most Popular Media Among US Adults

According to Nielsen, AM/FM Radio has an astonishing 240MM users per month in the US. That’s followed by 226MM people who watch Live+DVR/Time-shifted TV.  Coming in third was App/Web on a Smartphone with 191MM.

Here’s the complete list:

  • AM/FM Radio – 240MM
  • Live+DVR/Time Shifted TV – 226MM
  • App/Web On a Smartphone – 191MM
  • Internet on a PC – 162MM
  • Time-shifted TV (DVR) – 158MM
  • Tablet – 106MM
  • DVD/Blu-Ray – 93MM
  • Game Console – 61MM
  • Multimedia Device – 60MM

Nielsen - # of Monthly Users - Tech

Source: Nielsen Total Audience Report Q1 2016

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