Layer3 is a Next Gen Cable Provider: 8 Reasons to Follow Them

Layer3 touts itself as ‘The New Cable’ and even trademarked the phrase.

Founded in 2013 by a bevy of media and tech executives from Google, CNN, Fox, Comcast, Motorola, Time Warner, Cablevision (now Altice USA), Microsoft and others.  They are headquartered in Denver and led by CEO Jeff Binder and CTO Dave Fellows.

Why should we care about another video provider, when so many are out there?

Here are the 8 reasons why the Pay TV industry should follow them closely:

1.Offering Fat Bundles:  They are bucking the trend of skinny bundles and affordability by going after the high end customer. Their core package offers 144 channels at a costs of $120 per month, but they are offering a promotional price of $79 per month for the first year.  Their first market will be Chicago, followed by Denver, Houston and Washington.

Below is their Chicago Platinum allHD offering:


2. Advanced Set Top Box: Their wireless set top box is designed by BMW.  Did I mention it was wireless? No more wires! And it comes in either black or white.


3. Expert Customer Service: They want to be known as the ‘concierge cable’ by offering free installation with a promised 1-hour window, 24/7 availability and technicians arrive in an electric BMW.


4. Superior UI: A search and discovery interface that integrates cable channels, online services and social media all in one platform and learns over time what you want to watch.

5. High Quality Picture: Over 200 HD channels with 4K capability.  Every channel that’s available in HD will be in HD.

6. DVR Storage Capability: Store up to 2,000 TV shows or movies and record up to 8 shows at once.

7. Flexibility: No contracts, no hidden fees and the option to cancel anytime. All the thing that make online video providers like Netflix and Amazon so attractive.

8. Technology: Rents access to privately managed networks.  Uses a 12,000-mile national network that it privately manages and a massive antenna and data center in Denver.

Pay TV customers usually drop their service because of high cost, poor customer service and the inability to find the shows they want (i.e. they don’t see the value in what they are paying for).  Layer3 is betting big that if the latter two are alleviated, people will not care about how much it costs.  I guess we’ll find out.


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