Turner to Delay Launch of FilmStruck. Why That’s a Good Idea

Turner was about to launch their first SVOD service tomorrow, called FilmStruck, but decided to push that till November.  They cited the need to refine the registration process.


This delay is actually a good thing for the service.  Here’s why

1.The service is pitched as a collaboration between Turner Classic Movies and The Criterion collection.  However, The Criterion collection is currently distributed exclusively on Hulu and doesn’t come off until November 11th.  Now they can sync up these dates and remove any customer confusion.  It will also help drive acquisition those first few weeks, which are the most important.


2.If the service launched today, they’d only be available on the web, Android and iOS devices, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.  Additional platforms and devices would come later.  According to comScore, leaving out Roku and Chromecast is nearly 3/4 of OTT streaming devices, not to mention game consoles, smart TVs and Internet blu-ray players. This delay gives them more time to sign these partners and test their service on their platforms. That way, immediately upon launch, customers can watch on whatever platform they own.



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