Netflix Still King of OTT Video Services, CBS All Access Cracks Top 10

Research firm Parks Associates updated their list of top 10 OTT video services.  They are ranked by number of paid subscribers, excluding transactional or ad-based services.

(Since not all subscriber numbers were provided in the press release I took a stab at some of them.)

Netflix kept the top spot with 46MM US subscribers.  Amazon doesn’t release numbers so their subscription tally is a bit tricky to determine.  It’s estimated that there are 56MM US customers paying for Prime, which technically puts them ahead of Netflix.  However, not every one of these paying customers are doing so for the video service, since most are there for the Free 2 Day shipping – the main reason for signing up. According to a new CutCableToday survey, nearly 20% of all Prime subs don’t use the video service.  So with that complicated triangulation it’s estimated that there are roughly 45MM Amazon Prime Video subscribers.

During this past spring upfront season, Hulu said they passed 12MM subs and WWE Network reported it had 1.6MM, leaving somewhere in the middle.

Back in February, it was estimated that SlingTV had 600K subscribers and passed the 1MM mark in Q3, with projections by Goldman Sachs of 2MM by the end of the year.

At the end of 2015, HBO and anime favorite Crunchyroll, already had 800K and 750K subscribers respectively.  So they should easily be over the 1MM mark by now.

And according to Les Moonves, CEO of CBS, Showtime and CBS All Access had over 1MM subscribers each, with a slight nod toward the premium channel.  That rounded out the list of Top 10 OTT Services.

Top 10 US OTT Video Services – Q3 2016:

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Video (Amazon Prime)
  3. Hulu
  4. MLB.TV
  5. WWE Network
  6. Sling TV
  7. HBO Now
  8. Crunchyroll
  9. Showtime
  10. CBS All Access

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