Netflix Finally Allows Downloading to Watch Offline

After years of asking, Netflix is finally allowing their subscribers to download select movies and TV shows from their service.  You can now watch most of their Originals, such as The Crown, Narcos, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards on an airplane or train without worrying about the wifi connection.  (The new season of Gilmore Girls, Gillian Anderson’s The Fall, Luke Cage and a few others are not currently offering this feature.)




But don’t fret.  The list of downloadable titles also includes non Netflix TV shows and movies (e.g. Breaking Bad, Dexter, Minions, London Has Fallen) which they’ve made very easy to find and store.  While on a mobile device, click on the three stacked bars in the upper left and you’ll see options for Available to Download and My Downloads.  Just be sure to have the latest version of Netflix on your device.




This new feature is included in all plans and available for smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS.

People are viewing more and more video on their mobile devices.  Amazon recognized this trend and responded over a year ago.  Netflix finally got on board.  Companies that don’t listen to their consumers will be left behind, no matter how dominant they are in today’s marketplace.



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