Amazon To Open Cashier-less Grocery Store in 2017

Amazon recently announced they are opening a grocery store with no checkout required. Calling it the ‘Just Walk Out Shopping’ experience, all you do is scan your Amazon Go app when you walk in, pull the products you want off the shelf (it even knows when you put them back) and walk out the store.  Your Amazon account will be charged and the receipt will be sent to you.

The store is only 1,800 square feet (to put into perspective, the avg. Trader Joe’s is 15,000 sq. ft, while Whole Foods is 38,000) and located at 2131 7th Ave, Seattle WA.  It’s currently open in Beta testing for Amazon employees only and will open to the public next year.


With supermarket sales reaching nearly $640B in 2014, it’s no wonder why Amazon entered this space.  And the implications go way beyond just food shopping.

This is great news for people on the go, who don’t want to sit in long checkout lines. But bad news for the 3.4MM cashiers who will be in an even longer unemployment line.

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