Showbiz Brief aims to break down the entertainment business into a digestible format. To do this we:

  • Listen to and report on quarterly earnings calls – so you don’t have to
  • Aggregate all important industry facts – so you sound smarter
  • Analyze the distribution strategy for TV and film – so you know what’s happening

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About The Founder

paul-jags-headshot-aug-16-lower-resPaul Jags has nearly two decades of experience working in Manhattan for media and entertainment companies. He’s passionate about movies and tv shows and hates that there isn’t enough time in the day to watch them all. Every Sunday at noon he looks up the box office office results to see who’s on top and then tells his wife and friends, as if they care.  They don’t, so he started Showbiz Brief as an outlet to share the information he loves to consume with fellow industry followers.

He began his career in research at Nielsen and then worked in various roles at Showtime Networks for 11 years. When he was Director of Corporate Strategy, he helped senior level executives navigate the changing video landscape by providing competitive analysis on other TV networks and distributors, insight into consumer behavior, and updates on new technologies. For the past eight years, while at Showtime and Sonar Entertainment, he led the content distribution teams, which required negotiating deals with all emerging platforms (e.g. Apple iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Google Play and Amazon Instant Video).

Paul is available for consulting work in a strategy or business development role at a media, entertainment or telecommunications company. To learn more about Paul, connect with him on LinkedIn or send him a message here.