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Netflix Still King of OTT Video Services, CBS All Access Cracks Top 10

Research firm Parks Associates updated their list of top 10 OTT video services.  They are ranked by number of paid subscribers, excluding transactional or ad-based services.

(Since not all subscriber numbers were provided in the press release I took a stab at some of them.)

Netflix kept the top spot with 46MM US subscribers.  Amazon doesn’t release numbers so their subscription tally is a bit tricky to determine.  It’s estimated that there are 56MM US customers paying for Prime, which technically puts them ahead of Netflix.  However, not every one of these paying customers are doing so for the video service, since most are there for the Free 2 Day shipping – the main reason for signing up. According to a new CutCableToday survey, nearly 20% of all Prime subs don’t use the video service.  So with that complicated triangulation it’s estimated that there are roughly 45MM Amazon Prime Video subscribers.

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Home Technology and Services are Gaining Traction

According to Nielsen, 94% of HH’s have an HDTV, an increase of 4% from last year. Smartphones saw a 10% jump YoY to an 81% penetration rate.  DVD players slipped 3% from last year, but are still in 77% of homes.

As for services, VOD leads with 64%, but with SVOD gaining 19% YoY to 50% of homes, they should overtake them in 1-2 years.

Tech Pene - Q1 2016 Nielsen

Source: Nielsen Q1 2016 Total Audience Report

US Adult Media Consumption Up YoY; Live TV Viewing Down

According to Nielsen, US adults now consume 10 hours and 39 minutes of media a day, an increase of 1 hour from last year.  This is mainly due to more time being spent using apps/Web on their smartphones and tablets than in 2015.

Even though Live TV is down slightly from last year, it’s still a staggering 4 1/2 hours a day (5 hours when adding in Time-shifted TV), representing 42% of all media consumption.


Nielsen - Avg Time Spent on Media

Source: Nielsen (Q1 2016 Total Audience Report)


Top Most Popular Media Among US Adults

According to Nielsen, AM/FM Radio has an astonishing 240MM users per month in the US. That’s followed by 226MM people who watch Live+DVR/Time-shifted TV.  Coming in third was App/Web on a Smartphone with 191MM.

Here’s the complete list:

  • AM/FM Radio – 240MM
  • Live+DVR/Time Shifted TV – 226MM
  • App/Web On a Smartphone – 191MM
  • Internet on a PC – 162MM
  • Time-shifted TV (DVR) – 158MM
  • Tablet – 106MM
  • DVD/Blu-Ray – 93MM
  • Game Console – 61MM
  • Multimedia Device – 60MM

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Avg. Time Spent on Media Consumption Per Day: Black vs. Hispanic vs. Asian

According to Nielsen, the US adult black population spends 6 hours and 47 minutes watching Live TV, far above the roughly 3.5 hours for Hispanics and 2 hours 12 minutes for Asians.  When including Time-shifted TV, Blacks spend over 7 hours in front of the big screen.

Hispanics spend just over 2 hours a day using their smartphone for app/Web consumption, vs. 1 hour 49 minutes for blacks and 1 hour 26 minutes for Asians.

The one area where Asians led was in *Multimedia Devices, where they spend 23 minutes, as opposed to 13 minutes for Hispanics and only 12 minutes for blacks.

Black Media Consumption - Q1 2016 Nielsen

Hispanic Media Consumption - Q1 2016 Nielsen

Asian Media Consumption - Q1 2016 Nielsen

*Multimedia Device is defined as viewing on Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, Smartphone, Computer/Laptops, etc. connected to the TV.

Source: Nielsen Q1 2016 Total Audience Report