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Podcasting Stats to Know

Below are key findings from the 2021 Infinite Dial report that comes from Edison Research and Triton Digital.

All stats are US based – P12+, (vs. 2020)

Total Listeners

57% have ever listened to a podcast (55%)

Monthly Listeners

41% listened in the past month (37%)

43% of men (39%)

39% of women (36%)

56% of 12-34 (49%)

39% of 35-54 (40%

26% of 55+ (22%)

Weekly Listeners

28% listened in the past week (24%)

8 podcast episodes listened to weekly

5.1 podcast shows listened to weekly

Key Charts from Infinite Dial Report

Amazon To Open Cashier-less Grocery Store in 2017

Amazon recently announced they are opening a grocery store with no checkout required. Calling it the ‘Just Walk Out Shopping’ experience, all you do is scan your¬†Amazon Go app when you walk in, pull the products you want off the shelf (it even knows when you put them back) and walk out the store. ¬†Your Amazon account will be charged and the receipt will be sent to you.

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