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Even Though The Accountant was #1 at B.O, WB Accountants May Still See Red

Ben Affleck’s The Accountant was the number one movie at the US box office this past weekend.  It brought in $24.7MM on a budget of only $44MM.  The WB, who distributed the title, should be ecstatic, right?  Well, similar to our analysis on Star Trek and Ghostbusters, let’s take a closer look and see:

Rank Title US Box Office Weekend (MM)
1 The Accountant  $24.7
2 Kevin Hart: What Now?  $12.0
3 The Girl on the Train  $12.0
4 Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children  $8.9
5 Deepwater Horizon  $6.4
Source: BoxOfficeMojo

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Will Star Trek Box Office Go ‘Beyond’ Its Predecessors?

Star TrekStar Trek Beyond‘ blasts off this weekend and will no doubt be the top movie.  But is it too early to make plans for another one?

In 2009, Paramount successfully relaunched the franchise with Star Trek.  It garnered an impressive 95% Tomato Meter (Rotten Tomatoes), which resulted in a 1st place, 75MM opening weekend.  The movie went on to gross $258MM in the US (giving it a 3.4 multiple, 75×3.4=258) and an additional $128MM internationally.  The $386MM global take, on a $150MM production budget, was enough to launch two more movies.

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Will It Be A Trick Or A Treat for Ghostbusters?

gb-logoThe two biggest questions this weekend in the entertainment industry are how much will Ghostbusters make and will it be profitable?

To figure out how much, we need to first figure out the target audience.  Is it adult women looking for a girls’ night out, is it people who like 3D horror movies or are parents going to bring their kids?

There was talk that this was a girl-power movie and there would be lots of young girls and their moms, and some dads, in the theater cheering on the screen.  But with Finding Dory and The Secret Life of Pets still in the theaters, and Ice Age: Collision Course coming next week that seems unlikely.  And since none of the marketing that I’ve seen is pushing the 3D angle or the scary factor, I’m going to rule out that demo as well.  What we are left with is the obvious appeal to women who want to drag their dates to a non comic book movie.

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