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Six Weeks Into Broadcast Season, ‘Stacking Rights’ Taking Effect

Ever go to a network website in hopes of watching the pilot of one of their new shows? And when you get there you notice that the first episode is gone, yet they have the five most recent episodes, otherwise called the ‘rolling five.”

Well that’s about to change.  Back in May, the broadcasters, especially ABC and NBC negotiated ‘stacking rights’ with the studios that make the shows. Now, all episodes from most of the new series from the current 2016-17 season along with several returning shows, will be made available, or ‘stacked’ on their website and apps.  The one catch is that you must be an authenticated viewer, which means you still have to subscribe to a Pay TV service provider (e.g. AT&T DirecTV, Comcast, Charter, Verizon FiOS).

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Earnings Calendar for Top Entertainment/Tech/Telecom Companies

Starting next week, through the second week of November will be the quarterly earnings conference calls for the major entertainment, tech and telecom companies.  The chart below has the complete schedule.  As usual, Netflix will kick things off first, with their Monday 5PM ET call.

Showbiz Brief will have a write up after each call.

Company DOW Date  Time
Netflix Mon Oct 17 5:00pm ET
Verizon Thu Oct 20 8:30am ET
AT&T Tue Oct 25 4:30pm ET
Apple Tue Oct 25 5:00pm ET
Comcast Wed Oct 26 8:30am ET
Amazon Thu Oct 27 5:30pm ET
Alphabet Thu Oct 27 4:30pm ET
Twitter Thu Oct 27 5:00pm ET
Regal Entertainment Thu Oct 27 4:30pm ET
Discovery Tue Nov 01 8:30am ET
Sony Corp Tue Nov 01 4:15am ET
Frontier Communications Tue Nov 01 4:30pm ET
Time Warner Wed Nov 02 8:30am ET
21st Century Fox Wed Nov 02 4:00pm ET
Facebook Wed Nov 02 5:00pm ET
Charter Thu Nov 03 10:00am ET
CBS Thu Nov 03 4:30pm ET
Lionsgate Thu Nov 03 5:00pm ET
AMC Networks Thu Nov 03 11:00am ET
Scripps Networks Mon Nov 07 11:00am ET
Viacom Wed Nov 09 8:30am ET
Disney Thu Nov 10 5:00pm ET
Altice Thu Nov 10 TBD
AMC Entertainment TBD
Cinemark TBD
Dish Network Corp TBD

Who Are the Top 10 US Pay TV Providers?

With all the acquisitions in the US Pay TV world, it’s hard to keep up with who owns who.

Below is a chart of the Top 10 and the highlights of how they got there:



Source: Company websites, Cox is private – used Kagan Q4 2015 estimates.


Q2 2016 – Comcast Earnings Call Summary


Below are my key takeaways from the Comcast Q2 2016 Earnings Call on July 27:


From Brian Roberts, CEO, “we have many positive trends in each part of the company”.

Total revenue for the quarter was $19,269MM, a 2.8% growth YoY.  Operating Cash Flow was strong at $6,455MM, a 3.0% increase YoY.

In Cable, saw the best 2nd quarter Internet customer growth in 8 years and best 2nd quarter video customer results in over 10 years.

Broadcast saw growth in content licensing, retransmission and advertising revenues. Had best upfront ever with a 12.5% CPM increase for NBC primetime, a result of going to market as one company.  NBC Nightly News, The Today Show and Meet the Press were #1 in key demo, and NBC in general is poised to finish #1 in broadcast.

Mr. Robot received 6 Emmy nominations, including outstanding drama series.

Theme Parks Operating Cash Flow increased 40.5%, largely due to inclusion of Universal Studios Japan and successfully opening The Wizardly World of Harry Potter theme park in Hollywood.

Will acquire DreamWorks Animation for $3,800MM, which will probably see Shrek and Kung Fu Panda incorporated into a Universal Theme Park attraction.

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US Consumers are Shifting Towards Smartphones and Away from Home Broadband

According to the Pew Research Center, US broadband at home has dropped from 70% penetration in 2013 to 67% in 2015.  The main reason cited is cost, which has pushed people to access the web in other ways. That’s why 13% say they have a smartphone, but no high speed at home, up from 8% two years earlier.

These shifts are even more pronounced among African Americans, who 20% claim to have a smartphone, but no broadband at home.  In fact only 54% have high speed at home, down from 62% in 2013.

This movement away from home broadband to smartphones will affect cable operators and how they charge for high speed and other services; media and entertainment companies and how they produce content for a smaller screen and advertisers in how they reach mobile and micro audiences.

Pew Research - Home BB vs. Smartphones

Pew Research - Reasons for No BB


Source: Pew Research Center: Home Broadband 2015