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Twitter Q3 2016 Earnings Call: 6 Things You Should Know

On October 27th, Twitter held their Q3 2016 earnings call.  Here are the top 6 things you should know:

1. Slight Increase in Revenue: Total revenue was up only 8% YoY and 2% sequentially to $616MM.  Advertising made up 88% of the total at $545MM.  Data Licensing and Other brought in $71MM.


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Q2 2016 (their Q3) – Disney Earnings Call Summary


Below are my key takeaways from the Disney Q3 2016 Earnings Call on Aug 9:


Bob Iger, CEO, said “two things are clear: the multi-channel bundle delivers the most value to us, and remains a great value proposition to consumers. Therefore, our top priority is to support it, and to do what we can to maintain or enhance its value to customers. We also know that new platforms and new entrants in the digital video space are offering consumers more flexibility and variety, with exciting new products and impressive user experiences. And we must create or take advantage of these new opportunities, in ways that are complementary to the multi-channel offering.”

Total Revenue grew 9% in the quarter to $14,277MM.  Net Income was up 5% YoY to $2,597MM resulting in a Diluted EPS of $1.59, compared to $1.45 a share last year.

Media Networks’ revenue of $5,906MM (made up of Cable Networks $4,200MM and Broadcasting $1,706MM) was 41% of the total and a 2% increase YoY.  ESPN saw revenue growth due to contractual rate hikes and an increase in ad units sold thanks to an additional NBA finals game.  ESPN programming costs went up because of renewals for The Masters and international soccer rights, along with contractual rate hikes for NBA and MLB.  Disney Channel and Freeform (formerly Disney Family) gained from higher affiliate revenue, but were down overall because of a decrease in program sales.

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Q2 2016 (technically their Q3) – Apple Earnings Call Summary


Below are my key takeaways from the Apple Q3 2016 Earnings Call on July 26:


Successfully launched the iPhone SE.  Switchers accounted for the highest percentage of iPhone sales ever.  Grew services business by 19% YoY and had highest App Store revenue ever.  Returned $13B to investors through share repurchases and dividends.

Very bullish in China and India.  In China, opened 41st Greater China retail store saw install base of iPhones grow by 34% YoY, making it the most common brand on country’s mobile network. In first 9 months of the year, have already seen $40B, up 55% from same time frame last year.  In India, the first three quarters of the year saw iPhone sales up 51% YoY.

Apple Pay is being used in 75% of contact-less payments in the US.  More than 11MM contactless ready locations in the countries where Apple Pay is available including 3MM locations in the US.

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Q2 2016 – Netflix Earnings Call Summary


Below are my key takeaways from the Netflix Q2 2016 Earnings Call on July 18:


Total revenue in the quarter was $2,105MM.  US streaming represented 57% of that total, down from 62% YoY, to $1,208MM.  International streaming revenue was $758MM, compared to $455MM last year.  And Domestic DVD was $139MM, down 15% from Q2 2015.

83MM total members worldwide, growing by 1.7MM, which was below the forecast of 2.5MM.  Attributed to an uptick in churn from the un-grandfathering of tenured members to a higher monthly price point.

Launched the 4th season of Orange is the New Black and the 2nd Adam Sandler film, The Do Over, which, upon launch, was the #1 most-watched film on Netflix in every territory.  Expected to have over 600 hours of new content in 2016.

17 original series, docs, films and comedy specials received 54 Primetime Emmy nominations (up from 34 last year), making them the 3rd most nominated network (behind FX and HBO).  9 kid’s shows received 33 Daytime Emmy nominations, more than any network.

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