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Twitter Q3 2016 Earnings Call: 6 Things You Should Know

On October 27th, Twitter held their Q3 2016 earnings call.  Here are the top 6 things you should know:

1. Slight Increase in Revenue: Total revenue was up only 8% YoY and 2% sequentially to $616MM.  Advertising made up 88% of the total at $545MM.  Data Licensing and Other brought in $71MM.


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Q2 2016 – Twitter Earnings Call Summary


Below are my key takeaways from the Twitter Q2 2016 Earnings Call on July 26:


Jack Dorsey, CEO, said “What makes our audience growth this quarter notable is we can see directly the link between the product changes we made and our growth.”

Revenue in the quarter grew 20% YoY to $602MM, with advertising making up 89% at $535MM and data licensing and other revenue making up the other $67MM.  Mobile ads made up 89% of all advertising dollars.

Total US revenue was $361MM (60% of total), an increase of 12% over Q2 2015. International grew by 33% YoY to $241MM.

US ad revenue was up 9% YoY to $313MM, but down 9% sequentially.  International ad revenue grew 34% YoY to $222M and 18% from the previous quarter.

Globally, average monthly active users (MAUs) were 313MM, an increase of 3% YoY. MAUs for the US were 66MM, up only 1% from last year.  International MAUs were 247MM in the quarter, up 4% YoY.

Below are 5 key areas of focus for Twitter’s long term strategy and their Q2 executions:

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